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The 6a Difference

At 6a we pride ourselves on working locally, and making a positive difference to our town and the surrounding villages, by creating buildings of an extremely high standard, in all areas;

concept, layout, impact, external design & materials, internal layout, spaces & light, kitchen & bathroom functionality & design through to landscaping.

Each one of our houses is designed specifically for the site and location in which it sits and we don’t have ‘house types’. This is more demanding on the team and ultimately more labour intensive and expensive but means that each house is unique and makes the very best of the location whilst impacting the area positively.

Being local and small is more efficient and sustainable, it ensures we know the areas in which we are working, and enables us to react quickly and be on hand when required. It also means we and our children will be passing by our buildings for many years to come which is an extra incentive to get things spot on and ensure they will look as good in 30, 40 and even 50 years time!